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To sleep well and be well, you must breathe well

So much of ill-health, so many common conditions today are directly due to incorrect breathing. What is poor breathing costing you?

Snoring – Sleep Apnoea – Asthma – Nasal Problems – Anxiety –  Panic Attacks – Breathlessness?

Snoring plagues over 50% of the middle-aged, is the third leading cause of relationship breakdown and increases your risk of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Around 25% of children snore, affecting their sleep quality, growth, learning capacity and behaviour. 25% of pregnant women snore, increasing the risk of health complications for themselves and their unborn child. Snoring’s more serious relative, obstructive sleep apnoea/ apnea (OSA) is becoming the most common chronic disease in all industrialised countries. And then there is the rising incidence of asthma and anxiety disorders.

What is the one thing in common in all people with these problems?

They do not breathe correctly, no exceptions. That’s the underlying issue.

People with these problems have a ‘disordered’ breathing pattern – a faulty way of breathing which is rarely identified or addressed. The problem can be in the rate and depth of breathing, in the use of the upper chest or mouth to breathe, or a combination of these. A disturbance in breathing affects body chemistry and the function of all body systems.  It makes sense to do something about faulty breathing habits directly rather than just treating or masking the symptoms with surgery, drugs and appliances.

You can change the way you breathe… It is as natural as taking your next breath…. differently.


BreatheAbility.com was created by Tess Graham, a physiotherapist who has been researching breathing and working as a breathing educator for over two decades. This website is dedicated to helping you breathe well by providing information and resources. We also offer training programs for health professionals and conference presentations and workshops for community, business and professional organisations.

Our point of difference

We teach physiologically normal breathing – the way we are meant to breathe, awake and asleep, when we walk, talk and run. Not the big, ‘deep-breathing’ and ‘full-inhale/exhale’ breathing exercises that are so commonly taught and which may provoke dizziness, coughing, wheezing and panic attacks…and set you up to snore at night.

We teach breathing simply. No gadgets, no appliances, no apps. We show you how to blend better breathing into your normal daily life. It’s comfortable, it’s pleasant, and it’s doable for busy people. The changes are fast, stable and profound.

“The best sleep in decades” is the most frequently heard comment the morning after beginning to implement better breathing habits. 

Why haven’t you heard about this before?

Unfortunately checking someone’s baseline breathing pattern is not part of standard medical diagnosis. People are steered towards surgical, pharmaceutical or appliance-based interventions without considering what they can do themselves to improve their breathing habits. (Not unlike doing gastric band surgery without first advising a person to change their eating habits if they are very overweight.)

At BreatheAbility International we believe that getting your breathing right is the foundation of true health and wellbeing.


Check out your breathing with our “Faulty Breathing Quiz“.

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Resources to help you breathe well again

Book and CD:
Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnea  has a step-by-step guide to restful sleep and better health through changing the way you breathe. It’s helpful for breathing generally, not just sleep-breathing problems.

Breathing Exercise Instruction CD – a companion to the book, talks you through the exercises in the book.

Courses and Seminars
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For breath is life and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.
Sanskrit Proverb






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