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To sleep well and be well, you must breathe well. This is just a simple law of nature.

Welcome to BreatheAbility International. We specialise in breathing retraining – the natural, commonsense approach to get relief from conditions associated with faulty breathing - a pattern of breathing that is not normal or optimal – as seen in ALL people with:

Asthma  |  Snoring  |  Sleep Apnea / Apnoea  |  Nasal Problems  |  COPD  |  Chronic Cough  | Anxiety  and  Panic Disorder | Breathlessness  |  Poor Exercise Capacity …

You can change the way you breathe… It is as natural as taking your next breath…. differently.

Better Breathing is NOT  Deep Breathing !

People get so confused about breathing, with all the different styles, methods and breathing gurus and gadgets out there. If you want your body to function properly, there is only one way to breathe. And that is, to breathe correctly – with physiologically normal breathing. That is the aim of breathing retraining, which can be very different to breathing exercises you may learn in Pilates, yoga, martial arts, singing and fitness classes, and in hospital.

Breathing large ‘deep’ breaths and pushing your abdomen outwards to completely fill your lungs is NOT physiological normal breathing.

Fully exhaling to empty your lungs is NOT normal and is NOT healthy.

Physiological normal breathing is silent, through the nose, very gentle, and almost invisible.

If you can learn to breathe like that, to have that as your ‘baseline’ breathing pattern, then it is very unlikely that you will snore, have a chronic coug, a constantly clogged nose, or struggle to breathe.

Over 90% of people who do our breathing program report less or no snoring within a week and a significant  reduction in asthma symptoms and need for asthma reliever medication.

More info on breathing retraining

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About us – BreatheAbility®

Tess-Graham image“Our mission is to educate people to breathe better, thereby improving their health, wellbeing and sleep and reducing their reliance on medications, surgery and appliances. Breathing is the most fundamental function of life yet over 70% of people ignore it or get it wrong.
Breathing: Nature got it right, modern life tampered with it, breathing retraining corrects it.”

Tess Graham Physiotherapist, Breathing Educator, Author, Founder of BreatheAbility International


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