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Physiotherapist ¦ Breathing Educator ¦ Researcher ¦ Speaker

Reducing anxiety and improving sleep, health and performance through getting your breathing right.

Tess Graham is an experienced clinician, internationally recognised expert and one of the world’s most prominent speakers on breathing health.  …. more >>

Better Breathing is NOT Deep Breathing!

Do you have faulty breathing?

Snoring is faulty breathing pattern: mouth-breathing and fast, high-volume breathing

Snoring is faulty breathing pattern: mouth-breathing and fast, high-volume breathing

The answer is yes if you snore, gasp, wake with a dry mouth, get puffed easily, breathe through your mouth, breathe fast, with your upper-chest, have chronic nasal/sinus congestion, sigh or yawn a lot, have panic attacks.

Research shows a faulty breathing pattern is characteristic in ALL people with:

Asthma  |  Snoring  |  Sleep Apnea / Apnoea  |  Nasal Problems  |  COPD |  Chronic Cough | Anxiety and Panic Attacks | Breathlessness


Breathing is the first thing we do in life and the last. The way we breathe affects every function of our body – our physiology,  and yet, less than 10% of people have physiologically normal breathing. They often don’t know this because checking a person’s baseline (awake) breathing pattern is not part of standard medical diagnosis. Therefore a core cause of many symptoms and illnesses is overlooked. Have you ever had the rate, volume, rhythm, and use of mouth vs nose or of your diaphragm vs upper chest checked?  Did you know that the most common breathing fault is breathing too much air – too fast or too deeply/fully?

Have you noticed how common breathing issues are today – in men, women and children?  Every second adult and 1 in 4 children are snoring their health away; over 50% of adult men may have sleep apnoea; 14% of adults have an anxiety disorder; 25% of children have asthma; many children have crowded and crooked teeth because of mouth-breathing and will go on to have a much higher risk of sleep apnoea.

You CAN change the way you breathe

Running_mouth_closed-01 CROPPEDBreathing Retraining
Breathing retraining
is a 100% science-based health practice that helps you get back to breathing as nature intended: silently, slowly, smoothly, with the diaphragm, and gently in and out the nose – all day, all night, even when running a marathon. You can learn that without the use of any devices.

If you want your body to function properly, with maximum oxygenation, there is only one way to breathe. And that is to breathe with physiologically normal breathing. This can be very different to the breathing exercises taught in Pilates, yoga, martial arts, singing and fitness classes or when using a breathing-training gadget.  READ MORE ABOUT BREATHING RETRAINING >>

About us – BreatheAbility®

      At BreatheAbility International we specialise in breathing education and training – for individuals, groups, audiences, workplaces, sporting teams and health professionals. Our mission is to help people to breathe better, thereby relieving anxiety and improving their health, wellbeing and sleep and reducing their reliance on medications, surgery and appliances.
Tess Graham has spent over two decades studying how people breathe, uncovering the essential principles of good breathing and applying them in the simplest way to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Her unique style of breathing training is easy, doable for busy people and requires no equipment. Tess has delivered breathing retraining to over 6000 people, including achieving within a clinical trial, the extraordinary outcome of 96% reduction in the need for bronchodilators in chronic asthmatics. READ MORE ABOUT TESS GRAHAM >>   

Breathing: Nature got it right, modern life tampered with it, breathing retraining corrects it.
To sleep well and be well, you must breathe well. This is just a simple law of nature.

More info on breathing retraining

Assessing your breathing | Conditions helped  | The science 
Check out your breathing with our “Faulty Breathing Quiz“.


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