Snoring In Pregnancy: Risks, Reasons And Remedies

Australian Midwifery News – Winter 2017


Why you need to re-think this popular stress management technique

By Lana Nowakowski

Easy to learn breathing technique: A life saver



Snoring: It’s more harmful than you think: 

Breathing is the most vital body function. But many people are getting it wrong over 20,000 times a day – awake and asleep.

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Snoring in Pregnancy- Risks, Reasons and Remedies


 Voiceprint logoVOICEPRINT  – Feb 2013 – Newsletter of the Australian Voice Association

“Overbreathing” – How can it affect the voice? A Breathing Specialist’s Perspective -by Tess Graham



NEXUS Magazine – April-May 2014 

SNORING, SLEEP APNOEA AND BREATHING   (pdf)        by Tess Graham

Sleep disorders are a modern epidemic, but medical interventions aren’t always successful or well tolerated.  The good news is that there are simple techniques which can be used to restore correct breathing and improve sleep within a few days.
The first thing you need to know is that snoring and sleep apnoea do not occur in people with a normal breathing pattern. People who snore and have sleep apnoea do not breathe correctly; there are no exceptions.
NEXUS Vol 21; No 3; April-May 2014, p31-36.


FOX NEWS – June 21 , 2015

Snoring during pregnancy? You’re not alone.   By Julie Revelant


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Snoring In Pregnancy: Risks, Reasons And Remedies

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