Relief from Anxiety and Panic

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Relief from Anxiety and Panic: by changing how you breathe

A 9-day program to take control of your physiology and regain calm, focus and ease



There is a fast and natural way to get lasting relief from anxiety, but you may not have heard of it. Few people realise that the key is to correct the underlying disturbance in their physiology – that is, body function and blood chemistry, by learning to breathe correctly. Your breathing is the #1 determinant of your physiology.


  • You feel more or less anxious most of the day
  • You sometimes feel breathless, spaced out or panicky for no reason
  • You sleep poorly, toss and turn, or snore, and wake up tired
  • You have scary palpitations or tingling in your hands or feet

These are all common symptoms in people who do not breathe correctly.

You can calm anxiety, stop panic attacks, and get your life back, by learning to breathe the way calm people do. And that is NOT deep breathing!

Relief from Anxiety and Panic provides a fascinating insight into how your everyday way of breathing can be responsible for the mental torture and uncomfortable physical symptoms you may live with daily. Drawing on over two decades of research and clinical experience, physiotherapist Tess Graham shows you how to recognise your faulty breathing habits and change them – easily, step-by-step, through breathing retraining as thousands have done.

You will learn simple strategies to:

  • quickly relieve mental and physical symptoms of anxiety
  • abort a panic attack
  • reduce stress
  • increase focus
  • stay calm under pressure
  • switch off at night to enjoy restful sleep.

You will learn how to control your physiology for a lifetime of wellbeing.  You will read about lives transformed just by learning to breathe properly. It is not complicated. You usually feel benefits immediately.

Don’t be a victim – change your breathing and change your life!


 (With Foreword by Dr A. Harmer, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director of Capital Anxiety Clinic, Canberra, Australia)
“The effectiveness of this program lies in its simplicity. In essence you learn two simple things: one is a different perspective on breathing, and the other is how to gently nudge your breathing to how it should be. The benefits are profound.”
AMANDA FERRY, BSc (Psych) PGDip Psych
 “In my opinion, this is the best self-help book for overcoming chronic anxiety and panic – and I have read lots of them. With clarity, simplicity and empathy, the author shows how to use healthy breathing to take back control of how your body functions. Use this book to calm your breathing, your body and your mind.”
KAREN ST CLAIR, Counsellor
“This book changed my life. For the first time I became aware of what dysfunctional breathing is, and of what it does to perpetuate the out-of-the-blue attacks of terror I have suffered for decades. I have not felt this sense of inner peace in a very long time.” MICHELLE TAJA MILLER, BA (Psychology)
“This book gives comprehensive and enlightening information on anxiety and panic disorders and their connection with faulty ‘everyday’ breathing. It offers a self-management solution using the scientifically-based principles of Breathing Retraining which are deceptively simple and easy to follow.  I love the ‘cloud exercise’. This concept is a visual and easy to manage tool that immediately offers relief of acute symptoms.”
GLENN SMITH, Physiotherapist

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