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Level 1: Essential Breathing Skills | February 8     |  Sydney NSW       Info & Registration

Level 2: Essentials of Breathing Retraining  |  February 9-11 |  Sydney NSW    Info & Registration


Workshops (2-day) – Essential Breathing Skills – Psychologists & Physios – July:Sydney and Brisbane; Aug: Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide. Info and registration



Course (5-day) – Tess Graham Breathing Retraining in Physiotherapy March 20-24, Byron Bay.

Course (5-day) – Essentials of Breathing Retraining for Health Professionals – Psychologists, Physios, Dentists, Nurses, OTs, Speech Pathologists March 20-24, Byron Bay.

Workshop (2-day) – Essential Breathing Skills – Fitness instructors, personal trainers & physiotherapists –  March  2017 Sydney. 


Conference: International Pediatric Sleep Association Conference – March 10-13, Taiwan

Tess Graham presented on: Breathing Retraining: Addressing Oral and Other Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns Improves Outcomes in Pediatric Sleep Medicine

Lifestyle lectures – P&O cruise – June 28 – July 10

Better Breathing Courses – adult’s; children’s – Feb 29-Mar 3 2016, Byron Bay

Level 3 Essentials of Breathing Retraining – health professionals – Feb 29-Mar 3, Byron Bay

Workshop (1-day) – Essential Breathing Skills – Psychologists – Nov 22, Byron Bay with K Events


Lifestyle lectures – P&O cruise – 20 July – 15 Aug

Workshop – Basics of Healthy Breathing for Psychologists  Oct 30, 2015, Canberra

Seminar – Mental Health Week – Department of Environment October 12, 2015, Canberra

Workshop –  Better Breathing half-day (public) workshop Oct 31 2015, Canberra

AAMS – Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences  – Sept 9-13, Los Angeles

Tess Graham is presenting to doctors, dentists, orthodontists and Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciencesmyofunctional therapists working in the area of paediatric and general dental-sleep medicine.


Workshop – Breathing for Birth and Beyond –  May 23, Christchurch (via Syype)
This course is designed for midwives, childbirth educators and physiotherapists who are interested in breathing knowledge and skills for general health and wellbeing of expectant mothers and to enhance the birth process. Breathing is the most fundamental of all body functions and an essential element of the birthing process. 

Workshop – Basics of Healthy Breathing for yoga, Pilates, fitness massage Feb 7 & Mar 1, 2015; Canberra
A powerful, practical workshop to enable you to enhance your work with clients – around breath  Information


Seminar – World of Wellbeing Nov 27,2014.  5- 6:30pm -Phillip, ACT
Normal Breathing: Facts, Myths and Therapeutic Effects. Seminar for integrative health professionals. Information

Seminar – Dental Professionals, Sleep Specialists, Myofunctional Therapists  Oct 27, 2014. Clifton, New Jersey
Breathing Dysfunction, Sleep& Airway Issues – Origins, consequences, treatment strategies
A seminar on the breathing retraining approach to restore nasal breathing and enhance airway function, orofacial development and sleep quality in children and adults.  Information

Conference Speaker – Buteyko Breathing Educators Association Oct 31-Nov 2 2014. Boston, Massachusetts
Seminar: Breathing for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.Information
Half-Day Master Class: for breathing educators on Tess Graham’s Approach to Breathing Retraining

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About our Events and Courses

These content rich, high impact and practical programs get to the very core of health issues and improve your or your patient’s/client’s sleep, health and performance. How? Through getting right the most fundamental of all body functions – the way you breathe.The BreatheAbility® programs are science-based, yet simple and practical. No equipment, no gadgets, no apps. What we teach is easy, comfortable and doable for busy people. The changes are fast, stable and profound. We show you how to blend better breathing into normal daily life. And it all starts in the presentation!       It is as natural as taking your next breath …….differently

“My nose was blocked when I arrived, and it cleared within the first 10 minutes” is the most common comment on the day.
“The best sleep in decades” is the most frequently heard comment the following day.

We run public, professional and corporate workshops, courses and events.

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