Learn to breathe well – Breathing Retraining Course

– for asthma, snoring, sleep apnoea, nasal problems, cough, anxiety, panic attacks, enhanced sports performance

Change your breathing today …
to breathe and sleep better tonight and have more energy and exercise capacity tomorrow 

Breathe Away Online Course     

Tess Graham’s breakthrough breathing retraining now available ONLINE & WORLDWIDE

  Keyboard with a word trainingSpecially designed for

– busy people
– the highly anxious
– the sleep deprived

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First results in under 24 hours

The Online Breathing Course costs less than a third of the price of a face-to-face course.

  • Lectures – 16
  • Video –  3.5 Hours
  • Skill Level –  All Levels (adults)
  • Language – English
  • Includes Lifetime access

Special Features

  • You are taught how to blend the practice into your daily life.
  • First results in under 24 hours
  • 60% average reduction in total symptom score within 5 days
  • 90% of participants report less or no snoring, panic attacks, coughing or wheezing in less than 5 days

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The books, Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea and Relief from Anxiety and Panic were created to help people who do not have access to a breathing educator or who prefer to follow a self-help program. Each book has simple, easy to follow explanations, a self-assessment process and a step-by-step guide to changing the way you breathe. While specifically written for people with sleep-breathing and anxiety issues, much of the information and many of the strategies in the book are very relevant and helpful to people with asthma, breathlessness, nasal problems, sleep and anxiety conditions and for those who wish to improve their sport performance. The companion product- Breathing Exercise Instruction Audio makes learning even easier. It is available in CD and MP3 formats.

The books, CD and a workbook are available together as the Breathe Well Sleep Well Package


Our points of difference as a breathing course: We teach physiologically normal breathing – not the big, ‘deep-breathing’ and ‘full-inhale/exhale’ breathing exercises that are so commonly taught and which may provoke dizziness, coughing, wheezing, anxiety and panic attacks, and perpetuate a snoring problem.

Our course is suitable for people with high levels of anxiety. The process is gentle, nothing is forced – you will be amazed at how profound the improvements are while you remain at all times within your comfort zone.





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