Free Breathing Health Seminar – Byron Bay

        Help for Snorers, Poor Sleepers, Asthma and Anxiety Sufferers

Learn to breathe well …  Sleep better that night

Register HERE  or  call 02 8188 1343

FREE SEMINAR: Byron Bay Community Centre 69 Jonson St
Wednesday February 24  6pm-7.30pm.

ONLY 40 places (adults only)

Do you have a stuffy nose, poor sleep, asthma, anxiety, snoring, sleep apnoea, or struggle with CPAP?

CPAP full face mask

CPAP full face mask

Come along to the seminar and learn:

  • why snoring, sleep apnoea and anxiety disorders are so common today –  in men, women and children
  • why children who snore don’t learn so well
  • what it is about the way you breathe that causes these problems
  • how simple changes to your breathing help you sleep better at night, and breathe easy and have energy all day
  • how to unblock your nose and keep it that way – naturally

Many snorers and their partners notice immediate improvement. A frequent comment heard the day after these seminars is:    “I had the best sleep in decades”.

You can change the way you breathe… It is as natural as taking your next breath…. differently.

Tess GrahamPresenter  Tess Graham, Physiotherapist, Breathing Educator, trained in the Buteyko Breathing Technique. Tess is the author of Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea: A step-by-step guide list to restful sleep and better health through changing the way you breathe (Penguin Australia, 2012) and the forthcoming book: Relief from Anxiety and Panic Attacks.  Over a 23-year period she has delivered breathing retraining programs to more than 6000 people with extraordinary and consistent success. Come along and learn about simple breathing strategies that could have you breathing easily through your nose, oxygenating properly, and sleeping well and quietly – EVEN THE FIRST NIGHT.


Adults and children’s 5-session BETTER BREATHING COURSE – Feb 29- March 4.

Adults classes: Mon 29 Feb – Fri March 4:-  12.00 – 1.30pm each day – 6 places available
Children’s classes: Mon 29 Feb – Fri March 4:-    3.45-4.45pm each day – 5 places only available
MORE INFORMATION ON COURSES   or    Contact us for more info

FREE SEMINAR DETAILS:    6.00pm – 7.30pm;  Wednesday  February 24th
Byron Bay Community Centre –  69 Jonson St

Register HERE for Free Seminar   or  call 02 8188 1343


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