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Tess Graham, physiotherapist and breathing educator, teaches easy-to-use breathing techniques to reduce asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, chronic rhinitis and anxiety symptoms and return you to a normal breathing pattern to prevent their recurrence.


Show and Story Ideas

Snoring Destroys Sleep, Health and Relationships – 7 ways your snoring is harming you and your love life and how to change your breathing today and sleep better tonight.

Why Sleep Apnea Is Epidemic And what to do about it.

How To Stop Snoring And Get Back In The Master Bedroom 25% of couples sleep apart.

A Simple Method for Reducing Asthma Symptoms, Stress and Panic Attacks – Even 5 minutes a day can make a difference.

Breathing exercises that work as asthma relievers – 7 clinical trials show their effectiveness

Why breathing retraining should be part of every asthma management plan

Debunking The Deep Breathing Myth – You have to breathe less to snore less and be healthier.

Oxygen for Athletes – How better breathing increases your performance.

Snoring In Children Is NOT Cute! – 5 simple things parents can do to reduce this health hazard.

50% of Kids With ADHD May Need Better Breathing And Better Sleep, Not Meds.

Why Poor Sleep May Be Jeopardizing Your Job – And how to increase productivity.

When CPAP is a struggle or intolerable – 3 basic skills you need to breathe well naturally


Tess Graham, physiotherapist and breathing educator, has delivered her ground-breaking breathing retraining to more than 5,000 people over the last 22 years. Helping people with snoring, sleep apnea, asthma, nasal problems and anxiety disorders has been her mission since breathing retraining freed her own children from the scourge of asthma. Tess has postgraduate qualification in breathing retraining and has been involved in research with asthma, sleep breathing disorders and sports performance enhancement. Tess established Australia’s first dedicated breathing clinic in Canberra, Australia in 1993.
Through her media interviews, workshops and seminars Tess debunks the myths and misinformation about breathing and breathing disorders and gives people tools to help restore extraordinary health and wellbeing through the simplest and most natural means. Through national and international lecture tours, her publications and Online Breathing Course, Tess aims to make breathing retraining more widely available throughout the world.
Tess Graham BSc (UNSW); Post Grad Dip Phty (Sydney); Dip BM (Moscow)


Email: Tess [at]
Telephone: (+61) (2) 8188 1343

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