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Sleep Apnoea May Speed Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s Onset

Researchers found that sleep apnea was associated with a much quicker decline in cognitive function. Patients with sleep apnea were, on average, diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment nearly 10 years earlier than those who didn’t suffer from breathing problems during sleep.

 September 2014CHINESE LANGUAGE EDITIONRelief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

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 April-May 2014 – NEXUS Magazine


By Tess Graham. “Sleep disorders are a modern epidemic, but medical interventions aren’t always successful or well tolerated.  The good news is that there are simple techniques which can be used to restore correct breathing and improve sleep within a few days.” NEXUS Vol 21; No 3; April-May 2014, p31-36.


 November 2013MERCOLA.COM 

Dr Joseph Mercola, who operates the largest online natural health website in the world uses the Buteyko breathing technique. Read his recent review here

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