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Tess Graham’s many media appearances include TV documentaries and major news channels, talk back radio and features in many print publications in Aus, UK, NZ and US. Here is a sampling of the media outlets that have featured her expertise.



BBC1 TV QED, “Breathless”  August 1998
TV documentary, produced by Norman Stone, about the effectiveness of Professor Buteyko’s techniques. Watched by 7 million people in the United Kingdom.

The National Health Service (NHS) could save a fortune in drug costs if asthmatics used a simple breathing technique, according to claims made in a BBC TV programme.

ABC TV Quantum, “Breathless” April 1999
     -the BBC documentary, shown twice in Australia.

Two million Australians suffer from the agony of asthma. Each year, more than 700 of us die from what has become Australia’s most widespread chronic disease. In this special half-hour program produced by the BBC, we join three severe asthmatics as they undergo training in the Buteyko method. The results are astonishingly successful.

Channel 9, Sunday Program, February 1996

Channel 7 Today Tonight
Snoring causes couples stress
WIN News Wagga, Nov 2012

Radio interviews  


SportsDr Radio ChicagoPreferred company radio        

Sports Dr Radio with Dr Bob Weil – ‘Breathing for Sports Performance’ – Nov 9, 2016 – Chicago IL
Read My Lips – Bonnie D Graham – New York – April 27 2015 – Interview with Tess Graham starts at 30 min point
Maggie Linton Show
– Washington DC – April 1st, 2015
Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva
– Cincinnati, USA, February 23 2015
Nine to Noon
with Kathryn Ryan – Radio New Zealand Feb 17, 2015
Sports Dr Radio with Dr Bob Weil – ‘Oxygen for Athletes’ – Jan 28, 2015 – Chicago
Preferred Radio with Joel Markel – Dec 27, 2014 – New Jersey
What’s In Your Hand with Rick Young – WHCR 90.3FM – 31 Oct 2014 – New York
Afternoons with Sonya Feldhoff – ABC 891 Adelaide
Drive with Gary Hardgrave – 4BC Brisbane
Drive with Mike Welch – 2CC Canberra
Drive with Luke Grant –  2GB Sydney
Mornings with Alex Sloan – ABC 666 Canberra
Morning – Talk-back –  2UE Sydney
Breakfast Afternoons with Belinda Heggen – 5AA Adelaide

What people say about Tess Graham:

 Thanks for joining me on “the sports doctor”. You were a great guest with great info. Dr. Bob Weil, Sports Dr Radio
 Thank you so much for joining us on The Maggie Linton Show. We greatly appreciated the interview. Maggie, Maggie Linton Show
 Thanks so much! We really enjoyed having you on the show. We learned a lot! Eva and Charlie, Corporate Talk Radio
 Thank you, Tess, for being such an informative, articulate, passionate and delightful guest on Read My Lips Radio this evening. Bonnie – bonnie d. graham akaRadioRed

Print Media

Weston A. Price Conferences                      LOGO - og-fn-foxnews (1)


RADIO: Chicago, Illinois, 9 Nov 2016

Dr. Sean McMillan, sports medicine specialist & orthopedic surgeon returns along with previous guest Tess Graham, physical therapist, breathing performance coach & author. Listen in at:

Body+Soul  News Limited 20 April, 2017

Why you need to re-think this popular stress management technique By Lana Nowakowski

Taking deep breaths can actually exacerbate your anxiety.

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Books, Articles and Publications

Relief from snoring and sleep apnoea (Penguin 2012)
Relief from snoring and sleep apnea (US edition 2014)
Asthma recent research findings (1997)
Self-management of asthma through normalisation of breathing: The role of breathing therapy (1996)

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Working on a Story?

Tess Graham is a leading expert on how to improve your health, sleep and energy by getting your breathing right. She has frequently appeared on or been featured in radio, television and print media since 1993, in Australia and abroad.

Count on Tess for quotes and commentary on health issues related to breathing including:

  • Snoring, sleep apnoea, poor sleep and insomnia
  • The effects of snoring and sleep disruption on relationships
  • Asthma, hayfever and nasal problems
  • Anxiety and panic disorder
  • Breathing, sleep, behavioural, ADHD and orthodontic issues in children
  • Three breathing essentials for restful sleep, better health and more energy
  • Breathing and sports performance

Interview with Tess Graham by Feng Shui master, Roseline Deleu – here
Roseline and Tess

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