Book: Relief from Anxiety and Panic PRE-LAUNCH – Available MAY 2017


By changing how you breathe.

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Relief from Anxiety and Panic: by changing how you breathe.
Author Tess Graham.

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  • Do you feel anxious most of the time?
  • Do you sometimes feel breathless, spaced out or panicky for no reason?
  • Do you snore or sleep poorly and have low energy?
  • Do you have scary palpitations or tingling in your hands or feet?

These are all common symptoms in people who do not breathe correctly.

 Calm Anxiety, Stop Panic Attacks, Get Your Life Back

… by learning to breathe the way calm people do

 And that is NOT deep breathing!

 Western culture teaches that “deep breathing” is good for you, and yet this belief is responsible for so many health problems. Physiotherapist Tess Graham describes how deep, full breathing and other faulty breathing habits can disturb your blood chemistry, putting you into a state of disabling anxiety with uncomfortable physical symptoms. Her simple and easy, nine-day breathing retraining program shows you how to take back control of how your body functions, helping you increase your energy and become calmer and more focused. You will learn simple strategies to:

  • quickly relieve mental and physical symptoms of anxiety
  • abort a panic attack
  • reduce stress and stay calm under pressure
  • switch off at night to enjoy silent and restful sleep
  • stabilise your body chemistry and control your physiology for a lifetime of wellbeing

Read about lives transformed just by learning to breathe properly. You will be delighted at how easy it is to make these changes.

Relief from Anxiety and Panic: by changing how you breathe.  Author Tess Graham.

 (With Foreword by Dr A. Harmer, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director of Capital Anxiety Clinic, Canberra, Australia)


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