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WorkbookBreatheability Audio CDBook


RRP = $499    Special bulk order price $399

10 Breathing Exercise Instruction Audio – CDs
10 Books – of either title or a mix

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Product Description

Books and CDs Bulk Order

Save 20% on a bulk order of 10 books + 10 CDs for your clinic.

The books can be just the one title or any mix of Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea and Relief from Anxiety and Panic.
The CD – Breathing Exercise Instruction Audio is a companion product for either book.


10 Books
10 CDs
Value    $299.99
Value    $199.50
RRP =   $499.49             Special package price $399

NB: After the order is processed we will contact you by email for you to nominate the number of each book you require

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