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90-minute individual online mentoring session

After payment you will be contacted to set up a mutually convenient time

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Product Description

Mentoring with Tess Graham

This program of mentoring in breathing retraining was established to provide support and access to my three decades of experience to health professionals working with breath and breathing retraining.  Our work together will be collaborative. I want to hear from you what you wish to learn, or we will explore together what aspects of working with your patients or clients you need help with. I want you to learn the nuances I have uncovered over these many years.

Topics we might explore *

  • how to take a history
  • how to assess breathing pattern in adults and children at rest, during sleep, during movement
  • how to work with infants and young children
  • how to work with pregnant women
  • how to work with people with a background of trauma, severe anxiety, PTSD
  • how to work with people with medicated breathing disorders – e.g. asthma
  • how to work with medical professionals
  • the influence of diet on breathing pattern
  • case discussions
  • sports performance enhancement
  • how to develop and run a dedicated breathing retraining practice
  • developing referrals, liaising, and integrating with other health professionals
  • how to conduct public and health professional education sessions

                 * with consideration of your scope of practice

My expectation is that, because of this mentoring program, your learning curve will shorten, you will have more confidence in your ability to effect positive change in your patients or clients, and you will create supportive relationships with doctors and integrative health professionals. In addition, my expectation is that I will be able to grow my list of health professionals skilled in breathing retraining who I am confident to refer people to.

Who is this program for?

  • Those who have done a level 1 or level 2 BreatheAbility training course.
  • Health professionals with education and experience in breathing retraining.

90-minute individual mentoring session – online, via Zoom or Skype at a mutually convenient time

$250 (AUD) for each 90-minute session.

Next steps:
If you meet the requirements and wish to go ahead, purchase a mentoring session HERE. I will be in contact to set up a mutually convenient time.

If you are interested and have questions, please write to me at Tess(at)
In your email, please include:

  • your professional background and current work
  • your experience and/or qualifications in breathing retraining
  • your area of interest in this program
  • your phone number and country of residence


As a Buteyko-trained physiotherapist, I attended two of Tess Graham’s courses following my initial BIBH training. I had heard her approach was quite different and I was not disappointed! They are not at all dissimilar but the BreatheAbility approach to teaching sits well with me as it is gentle, individualised and very client-needs focused. I have found follow-on mentoring sessions invaluable – as we know we never stop learning! We can learn from Tess’s vast experience, ask questions and get feedback, which helps to consolidate and apply our broadening knowledge. Kate Milne – Physiotherapist, Buteyko breathing educator, BIBH

Mentor / session leader
Tess Graham (BSc, PGD Phty, Dip Buteyko Breathing Method) physiotherapist and breathing educator, has been researching and writing about breathing dysfunction for around three decades. Through extensive clinical practice she has uncovered the essential principles of good breathing and applied them in the simplest way to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Tess has taught breathing retraining programs to over 7000 people.

Tess is the author of Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea (Penguin 2012) and Relief from Anxiety and Panic. (2017) Tess speaks internationally on her topic. She is a specialist in both the science and art of breathing.




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