Breathing Educator Mentoring


Product Description

Breathing Educator Mentoring Program – 90 minute online sessions with Tess Graham


Once a month, 90 min group sessions via Zoom.

  • Topic suggested by Tess
  • Hot Topic(s) put forward by participants
  • 5 x 10 min Hot Seats – Case discussions – cases tabled by participants
  • General Q&A

Dates: 2017

  1. 6th March
  2. 3rd April
  3. 1st May
  4. 5th June ** may need to change
  5. 3rd July
  6. 7th August
  7. **4th September – if June session altered

Time:   7am – 8.30am, Australian Eastern Daytime – Sydney time


$66 per session/month – payable in advance

$210 for package of  6 sessions to be offered from March – Sept 2018 – payable in advance


Fee includes access to a recording of the session (for 48 hrs) if you are unable to attend the live session.


As a Buteyko trained Physiotherapist, I have attended two of Tess Graham’s courses following my initial BIBH training. I had heard her approach was quite different and I was not disappointed! What I have found most useful are the monthly mentoring sessions which help to consolidate what you learn with the traditional Buteyko method and integrate with Tess’s  ‘BreatheAbility’ approach. They are not at all dissimilar but the BreatheAbility approach to teaching sits well with me as it is gentle, individualised and very client-needs focused.

I have found the mentoring sessions invaluable, as we know we never stop learning and during these sessions we can ask questions as well as learn from the queries raised by other colleagues. I still find I have questions that pop up in my classes and it is great to be able to get answers, feedback and assistance with broadening knowledge. Kate Milne – Physiotherapist , Buteyko breathing educator, BIBH

Mentor / session leader
Tess Graham (BSc, Post Grad Dip Physio, Dip Buteyko Breathing Method) physiotherapist and breathing educator, has been researching and writing about breathing dysfunction for 25 years. Through extensive clinical practice she has uncovered the essential principles of good breathing and applied them in the simplest way to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Tess has taught breathing retraining programs to over 6000 people. People with anxiety disorders make up about one third of her patient base.

Tess is the author of Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea (Penguin 2012) and Relief from Anxiety and Panic.(2017) Tess speaks internationally on her topic. She is a specialist in both the science and art of breathing.



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