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Earlybird – before 7 Dec 2017

Feb 26 – 2 March,  2018    BYRON BAY

Product Description

Breathing Retraining Course for Health Professionals | Feb 26-Mar 2,  2018

5-day training course plus 10 month mentoring program    

FEE:  Earlybird  $3190 ($2900 + GST)  until 7 Dec 2017

(Standard:  $3630)



Working with breathing to enhance clinical outcomes

 Monday 26 Feb – Friday 2 March, 2018 Byron Bay NSW, Australia

  • Comprehensive training – theory and practical with experienced physiotherapist / breathing educator
  • Assessment for dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • Mechanical, physiological, psychological and biochemical effects of dysfunctional breathing.
  • Myths and misunderstandings about breathing
  • Delivering breathing retraining programs to adults and children with breathing-related disorders
  • Exercises and strategies to relieve blocked nose, dyspnoea, dizziness, panic attacks… and more
  • Exercises to help retrain the respiratory centre to regulate breathing at more physiological normal rate
  • Integrating physiologically normal breathing into ADL, speech, sleep and sport
  • The nine habits of healthy breathing
  • Working with doctors and healthcare professionals
  • Practice development modules (V2x 1 hour sessions value $495)
  • Personal experience of breathing retraining (Value:$790)
  • 2 hours of breathing coaching during exercise (Value $350) – includes ‘lighthouse walk’ and swimming
  • Monthly mentoring via Zoom for 10 months
  • More information …Click here

Includes:  # Course notes & workbook   # 35 hr course week  #10 mentoring sessions via Zoom (15hrs) TOTAL 50 CPD hours



This is a very worthwhile course for physiotherapists. Advanced skills in breathing retraining have increased my clinical effectiveness when working with clients with asthma, chronic pulmonary disorders, sleep-breathing disorders, and panic disorder, and with those seeking enhanced sports performance. In addition, providing breathing retraining programs has added a new dimension to my practice.  Kate Milne, Breathing Matters, Countrywide Physiotherapy, Angaston SA.

Breathing retraining has been an important tool in my repertoire of treatment strategies for over twenty years.  However, completing Tess’s course has completely changed the way I understand and address breathing issues amongst my clientele.  Adopting her techniques has led to rapid progress in symptom relief early on in treatment, contributing to greater gains in therapeutic progress overall. Fiona Sandilands – clinical psychologist, ACT

I am very impressed with Tess Graham’s knowledge and expertise and the usefulness of the techniques she teaches. I am amazed by using these simple techniques, I am able to help my clients with various chronic conditions including deconditioned, neurological and COPD to achieve better breathing control and improve on their mobility and balance more easily. May Kwan, community physiotherapist, Brisbane, QLD

The outcomes that I saw Tess achieve in 5 days were amazing.Tess is an excellent communicator. Caroline Ash – Buteyko breathing educator, Tasmania

This workshop immediately changed my teaching of breath. I have carefully integrated what I learnt into my teaching and I have seen the benefit to clients, to be a calmer, more rhythmic breathing pattern, requiring less effort and assisting them to relax physically and mentally.”  Jakki Tobin – physiotherapist, Pilates instructor


Tess Graham (BSc. PGD Physio; Dip BM)
Physiotherapist and Breathing Educator, Tess Graham has extensive clinical and research experience in breathing retraining. She has worked exclusively in this field for 25 years, achieving extraordinary outcomes for over 6500 people with breathing-related disorders. She holds the highly-regarded diploma in the Buteyko Breathing Method from Moscow and is author of Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea (Penguin 2012) and Relief from Anxiety and Panic (2017). Tess lectures nationally and internationally. She was an invited speaker at the AAMS Congress in Los Angeles Sept 2015, and the International Paediatric Sleep Association Congress (IPSA) Taiwan, 2016, along with other world leaders in the treatment of sleep apnoea.

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