Breathing Workshop- Level 1 – Feb 8th 2018


Thursday Feb 8,  2018    MANLY, NSW

Product Description

Basics of Healthy Breathing Workshop Feb 8,  2018

Level 1  training

FEE:  $330 (300 + GST)  



Working with breathing to enhance outcomes of breath work

1-day introductory breathing workshop.This workshop is designed for health and wellness practitioners who want to enhance their effectiveness with breath work and breath management within their modality.

Thursday 8th February 2018     9am – 5pm

International College of Management Sydney, 151 Darley Rd, Manly, NSW

$330 (300 + GST)


  • Certificate of Attendance
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What is this course about?

This exciting workshop presents the unique breathing retraining skills developed by Australian physiotherapist Tess Graham. It will provide invaluable knowledge and skills to relieve and prevent hyperventilation, anxiety, panic and breathlessness during breath work, and improve sleep. It provides a solid introduction to breathing retraining and gives you information and practical skills that will have immediate application.

It is well known that there is a connection between acute hyperventilation and anxiety states and symptoms. However, what is less recognised is that “overbreathing” is often present in a chronic and hidden form. Overbreathing creates on a day to day basis a fundamental derangement in physiology and may underlie a loss of resilience, a failure to respond to therapeutic intervention, and an experience of anxiety, dizziness or discomfort during therapies involving breath work. It is often an underlying factor in respiratory and sleep disorders.

Breathing retraining helps restore a physiologically normal breathing pattern during rest, sleep and exercise, and when under stress.  Improving and restoring normal breathing patterns balances blood and brain chemistry, enables optimal oxygenation and promotes the parasympathetic state, providing relief from symptoms related to chronic overbreathing and sympathetic dominance. Acute and immediate relief as well as long term prevention is achieved through breathing retraining. Better breathing skills can augment the practice of many health and wellness techniques.

During this workshop you will learn how to identify dysfunctional breathing. Relevant physiology will be used to explain the physical and mental effects of dysfunctional breathing and how breathing retraining works to restore physiologic normal breathing. We will practice and discuss techniques to improve and stabilise breathing for immediate and long-term benefits.

This highly experiential and content-rich training features lectures, experiential exercises, discussions and case studies. Participants will experience first-hand the practice and application of better breathing. There will be a session devoted to the application of physiologically normal breathing into breath work in psychological therapy, yoga, Pilates, pulmonary rehabilitation, pain management and meditation.

You will learn

  • To identify dysfunctional breathing habits
  • Relevant physiology of breathing
  • Mechanical, physiological, psychological and biochemical effects of dysfunctional breathing
  • The breathing/anxiety /insomnia/trauma and sleep disorders connection
  • Myths and misunderstandings about breathing
  • The importance of nose-diaphragm-breathing at the correct rate, rhythm and volume and the optimal O2/CO2 balance during rest, speech, sleep and exercise
  • Techniques to help restore regular, comfortable, nose-diaphragm breathing with good posture
  • Strategies to relieve and prevent the stress response, breathlessness, panic attacks and insomnia.
  • Strategies for specific conditions, personality types and scenarios you see in practice
  • How to teach clients to integrate better breathing into everyday life
  • Application of physiologically normal breathing into breath work in psychological therapy, yoga, Pilates, pulmonary rehabilitation, pain management and meditation

Who should attend?

Psychologists, counsellors, social workers, physiotherapists, other allied health professionals, yoga, fitness and Pilates instructors

What comes next?

This Level 1 workshop is followed by a 3-day Level 2 course. More information

Workshop leader

Tess Graham has extensive clinical and research experience in breathing assessment and BREATHING RETRAINING. She has worked exclusively in this field for 25 years, with over 6500 patients. She has been teaching private practice and hospital-based physiotherapists and psychologists in Australia and abroad, enabling them to expand their scope of practice through offering effective breathing retraining programs. Tess is the author of Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea (2012) and Relief from Anxiety and Panic (2017). She is accredited in the Buteyko Method of Breathing Retraining.