MSA 3D CoverThink better health is complicated and solutions expensive, time consuming and unpleasant?
The information Tess Graham delivers will make you think again

These content rich, high impact and practical seminars get to the very core of common health and lifestyle issues. Participants will learn how better breathing habits can help them sleep well, get healthy, get fit, and stay calm and energised.  And it all starts in the presentation! Because you are breathing all the time you can start making improvements even while you are listening. It is as natural as taking your next breath ……..differently.

Tess Graham is an expert in the field of breathing health and one of the world’s most prominent speakers on the subject. Nothing she teaches is rocket science. Everything she teaches is backed by science.

Speaking topics

Available in customised keynote, seminar and workshop formats.  Speaker One Sheet

So you think you can breathe?

Attractive man breathing outdoor We all need to breathe – it’s the first thing we do in life, and it’s the last. Breathing is the most fundamental function of the human body and yet very few people breathe optimally. There is at least as much misinformation and confusion about breathing as there is about diet!

In this foundational seminar of the BreatheAbility for Health programs, Tess dispels common myths about breathing and gets you started on simple strategies to breathe well, sleep well, increase your energy and focus, and improve your performance and wellbeing – starting during the presentation. It’s as natural as taking your next breath … differently.

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What I wouldn’t give for a good nights sleep…

Portrait of sleeping Young Caucasian man in white Are you waking up feeling like you haven’t slept at all? If you snore or sleep poorly, you could be harming your health, your relationship and possibly your job security. Studies show businesses lose billions of dollars each year through absenteeism, workplace accidents and poor productivity due to worker fatigue.

To sleep well, (and quietly) you first need to breathe well. In this presentation you will learn how to breathe better today to improve the quality of your sleep, turn down the decibels, and wake refreshed. The power of this presentation lies in its going further than simple ‘sleep hygiene’ practices, by its focus on improving the way you breathe. “The best sleep in decades” is the most frequently reported comment the day after this presentation.

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Just chill – cool, calm and in control

Dollarphotoclub_75592402 - pregnant woman at windowAre you feeling constantly stressed and revved up? Stress has consequences for personal health and wellbeing and is also a big issue for employers. Research confirms the rising incidence of anxiety and stress-related disorders, and that job stress is linked to a two to three-fold increase in depression and anxiety.

In this compelling presentation, Tess shows you how to manage your physiology to stay calm under pressure, defuse the stress response, increase resilience, elevate your level of performance, productivity and energy, and switch off and sleep well at night. You will also learn powerful strategies to improve your breathing and physiology for long-term prevention of stress-related conditions.

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Heart happy exercise and energy management

Running_mouth_closed-01 CROPPEDWe all know we should exercise each day to maintain our health and energy. But if you are not breathing well, exercise can leave you tired and breathless, or you can be too exhausted to even make a start. The key to happy, healthy and safe exercise is to get your breathing right.

This presentation shows you the fundamental, first steps in restoring efficient, comfortable breathing and boosting your energy, fitness and sports performance – while keeping you out of harm’s way. You will learn the connection between your breathing pattern, the diameter of your airways and the oxygen delivery to your heart and muscles. You will learn how to breathe right now to have a safer more enjoyable experience next time you exercise.

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Profession specific topics

Dental: Good breathing, good sleep, and good looking faces – dentists, orthodontists, oromyologists. Breathing Dysfunction- Origins, Consequences and Treatment Strategies. A seminar on the breathing retraining approach to restore nasal breathing and enhance airway function, orofacial development and sleep quality. (seminar, workshop and course formats)

Fitness: Heart happy exercise – avoiding heart attacks on the treadmill fitness & sports trainers
Optimal breathing for safe and effective fitness and sports training-  especially suitable for sports enthusiasts, coaches, gym owners, and personal fitness trainers (seminar and workshop formats)

Psychology:  Calming the anxious and silencing the snorer psychologists, relationship counselors
Enhancing individual and couples therapy by addressing breathing-related anxiety and sleep disruption (seminar and workshop formats) 1-Day Breathing workshop for psychologists

Childbirth: Breathing for birth and beyond   midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, physiotherapists
Enhancing wellbeing of mother and baby during pregnancy,  the birth process and beyond, through optimal breathing (seminar and workshop formats). Breathing for Birth and Beyond – one- day workshop

Teachers and Parents: Kids who stop breathing… (during the night) stop learning during the day – critical information for parents and teachers on breathing health in children (seminar)

Speaker Bio

Tess Graham, founder of BreatheAbility International, is helping people all over the world to transform their health and wellbeing simply by changing the way they breathe. As an experienced clinician, educator, and speaker at the top of her field, Tess is highly sought after for her insight, inspiration and her ability ‘to make change happen’.

With an impressive career in physiotherapy and breathing training,including establishing Australia’s first dedicated breathing clinic in 1993 and pioneering research with asthma, sleep disorders and sports performance, Tess has a powerful message: Getting your breathing right is the single most important thing you can do to promote robust physical and mental health, get quality sleep and protect yourself from stress-related illness.

And getting your breathing right is the opposite of what most people think! Tess overturns common misconceptions about breathing, in particular that ‘the deeper we breathe the better’. Nothing she teaches is rocket science, but everything she teaches is backed by science.

Tess’s presentations are informative, relevant and practical. She shares with her audience the tools to make positive changes in the way they breathe. They can begin by simply taking their next breath … differently. Tess’s unique approach is easy, uncomplicated and doable for busy people. Participants leave her events inspired and already noticing benefits, like lower heart rate, less congestion and more focus, and can look forward to quieter, more restful sleep.

Tess has addressed over 500 audiences in Australia and abroad. She is a member of Motivational Speakers Australia. Her message is broadly relevant and powerful – it’s for every breath you take.        Speaker One Sheet  MSA 3D Cover

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Past clients and presentations

Tess Graham has been an invited speaker at conferences and presentations in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, North America and Asia, including:

  • International Association of Applied Neuroscience – Sydney 2019
  • MyoFocus (Dental-Sleep Medicine) Conference – Melbourne 2019
  • Roads and Maritime Services – Mental Health and Wellbeing Day- Parkes 2018
  • Australian Hypnotherapy Association – Melbourne 2018
  • Department of Health – Mental Health Week – Canberra 2017
  • International Pediatric Sleep Association – Taiwan 2016
  • Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences – Dental/Sleep Medicine  Los Angeles 2015
  • Department of Environment – Mental Health Week Oct 2015
  • Australian Psychologists Association – September 2015
  • Australian Society of Orthodontists
  • P&O Cruises – Healthy Lifestyle speaker 2015
  • Airway and Facial Development Collaboration (US)
  • Respiratory Education United Kingdom (REUK)
  • Sleep Apnea Support Australia Inc
  • Calmbirth® Canberra
  • Australian Taxation Office – Health Week
  • Buteyko Breathing Educators Association (US, Canada)
  • Finance Women’s Network Conference, Canberra
  • Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association National Student Symposium
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia
  • Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – Health Week
  • Department of Employment and Workplace RelationsAcademy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences
  • Health Insurance Commission – Health in the Workplace
  • Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
  • 1st, 2nd and 4th International Conference of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health
  • Axon Education Breathing Symposium
  • EODO Dental /Sleep Medicine Conferences
  • Australian National University guest lecturer, medical science faculty


“There’s not a single living (breathing) human being who doesn’t need to hear Tess Graham’s powerful message. Tess is a superb presenter who has honed and refined her delivery of a revolutionary breakthrough in breathing health. She brings passion, skill and wisdom to the challenge of changing lives for the better.”
Peter Thompson, writer, filmmaker, critic
“I listened to Tess Graham speak recently in Christchurch, on better breathing to help with anxiety and sleep issues – so prevalent here post-earthquake. The hall was packed; in fact the presentation was repeated twice. Tess was inspiring and engaging, and I’m sure most people would have benefited from her knowledge as I have personally. As an employer, I can see that learning how to breathe properly would help my staff to deal with stress and anxiety issues.”
Bernie Wicht, Chairman MacPac
“I wholeheartedly recommend Tess Graham to you as an accomplished speaker and educator. Her message is a powerful one, and one I believe everyone should hear: how improving your breathing can profoundly transform mental and physical wellbeing. Tess delivers this message with a delightful mix of humour, passion and easy-to-understand science that is at once engaging and thought provoking. She debunks some long-held beliefs about breathing and leaves her audience with the tools and understanding to make positive change in our most fundamental behaviour – the way we breathe. The audience cannot help but take her message on board, and take it home, for they cannot help but take their next breath differently. I’ve felt the changes in myself, I’ve heard the comments from those around me, I’ve felt the optimism in the room.
Karen St Clair, Director (Ret) SALUTé Consulting Pty Ltd
Tess Graham has great knowledge, understanding and experience in her field. Her ability to express herself as a speaker, trainer and facilitator is second to none. She is funny, passionate and articulate. She has presented to our group several times, including being our main speaker at our annual conference in 2014. The feedback received from delegates continues to be outstanding. Tess has a gift for clarifying complex subjects and providing materials, and tools to her audiences that are relevant and useful in their professional and personal lives. She would be a wonderful drawing card and outstanding conference speaker for any organization. 
Chris Bauman, President, Buteyko Breathing Educators Association, North America
“If you want a presentation with a powerful message, one that will improve your breathing, your health and your sleep and let you have a laugh along the way, then you must have Tess Graham speak at your conference.”
Shara Hatter, Conference Organiser, Canberra Australia.
“I have heard Tess Graham speak on two occasions and both times I came away feeling inspired and empowered with new, exciting information that I could use for myself as well as my patients. I have recommended her for many international organizations to speak as she captured the audience and had standing ovations afterward. Tess is truly an asset to any organization to transfer information in a direct, organized, inspiring manner. I look forward to seeing her speak at the AAMS (Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences) Congress in September in Los Angeles, along with researchers from around the world.
Joy L. Moeller, BS, RDH, Board member AAMS, CA USA
“Excellent presentation, clear explanations. Enables me to relay the information to the patient”
“Very thought provoking and underpinned with evidence, ability to quickly apply to practice.”
Participants REUK Breathing Matters Workshop October 2013, Aintree UK.
“All health professionals should become educated in the optimal physiology of breathing, it is so critical. A brilliant way to receive this information is through the programs offered by Tess Graham. She is an expert in this field and delivers the information with clarity and a conviction that is only achieved by extensive education and involvement in research and years of practical experience.”
Robert Granter Director Australasian College of Soft Tissue Therapy

If you wish to know more about Tess Graham’s seminars, trainings or corporate health programs, please click here or call +61 (0)2  8188 1343+61 to book Tess Graham for a health and life-changing presentation.

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