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Over-breathing – Over-looked!

One of the most comprehensive discussions on over-breathing/ hyperventilation is Dr Gregory Magarian’s (1983) aptly titled paper- Hyperventilation syndrome: A diagnosis begging for recognition. He commented that while acute hyperventilation (as in a ‘panic attack’) is fairly easy to see, more »

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Is faulty breathing behind your voice strain?

Over-breathing and inefficient breathing are common, even in highly trained speakers, singers, actors and journalists. Here are some give away signs that a faulty breathing pattern underlies vocal strain: Quick upper- chest breaths taken during speech, generally at the beginning more »

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Vocal strain an issue?

Do you need to drink a lot when you talk a lot? Are you bothered by the need to clear your throat repeatedly throughout a meeting, presentation or performance? Are you and your voice tired after a presentation? Talking can more »

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Why are breathing problems more common today?

Why do so many people snore and have sleep apnoea today? One in four children and around 60% of people over 40 snore, and for a significant number of them, snoring has progressed to sleep apnoea (sleep apnea) – that’s more »

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