Is faulty breathing behind your voice strain?

Over-breathing and inefficient breathing are common, even in highly trained speakers, singers, actors and journalists.

Here are some give away signs that a faulty breathing pattern underlies vocal strain:

  • Quick upper- chest breaths taken during speech, generally at the beginning of a sentence
  • Hearing the intakes of breath
  • Visible upper-chest movement and shoulder lift on inhale
  • Dry mouth during presentations
  • Accumulation of mucous at the back of the throat
  • Breathing more than 12 breaths a minute during resting breathing
  • Significant abdominal/belly movement during resting breathing or during speech
  • Mouth-breathing at any time
  • You snore – another indicator of habitual over-breathing and it plays havoc with your throat

A good breather can easily present for two hours without needing to drink water and without voice strain and fatigue.

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