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This is the foundation seminar and workshop of the BreatheAbility for Health programs.  A groundbreaking, high impact presentation that can be adjusted to the needs of any group or organisation and is available in keynote, seminar and workshop formats. It is designed to enhance the sleep, health, fitness and wellbeing of participants and to improve workplace health and productivity.

  • Mental and physical fatigue
  • Lack of productivity
  • Anxiety, panic attacks
  • Absenteeism
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Poor sleep
  • Snoring, sleep apnoea
  • Insomnia
  • Relationship problems
  • Irritability

What can be the common denominator in all these conditions?

Improper breathing.


Most people don’t associate common physical and mental issues with poor breathing habits.  Fewer still connect improper breathing with poor work performance and sleep troubles – and the relationship struggles that can come from either partner’s sleep deprivation.  We all know how to breathe, don’t we? Well, no. Over 70% of people breathe incorrectly. Improper breathing is the single most-overlooked contributor to poor health, yet when’s the last time you were screened for proper breathing?

For employers, it’s an expensive problem. The relationship between poor breathing, sleep, and waking productivity is costing you plenty. Sleep-related breathing problems like snoring and sleep apnoea alone are increasing to epidemic proportions. They result in major physical and mental health problems, yet few understand the relationship between good sleep and proper breathing. Or that these problems can often be relieved without drugs, surgery, or devices. And then there is the Stress/Anxiety/Chronic Illness connection. Improper breathing disturbs blood chemistry and primes and feeds the stress response.

Breathing expert and physiotherapist Tess Graham delivers a life-changing presentation on BreatheAbility. Learn how better breathing habits can help you and your people get and stay healthy and energised –starting during the presentation! The seminar (one hour) is a powerful introduction to better breathing; the workshop (three hours) is an amazing transformation.

 You’ll discover:

  • How you are breathing right now and how that compares to optimal
  • The relationship between your breathing pattern, sleep, stress levels, fitness, performance and health
  • Myths about breathing and facts about its impact on our lives
  • The dangers of ‘deep, full’ breathing
  • How anxiety, snoring and sleep apnoea are breathing problems, and how to deal with that
  • The first changes to improve your breathing — starting  in the presentation
  • How to breathe right now to have more oxygen and energy — and be calmer now, and sleep better tonight
  • Natural, sustainable solutions for anxiety, stress, sleep and breathing-related problems

Tess Graham’s sleep and wellbeing presentations reflect her decades of research and experience. For twenty years she has delivered breathing retraining programs that have helped thousands of people from babies to octogenarians; invalids to Olympic athletes, to sleep better, breathe better and be better.

Tess has delivered hundreds of presentations and is very comfortable with academic and lay audiences. Her presentations leave audiences entertained and educated, with take-home skills to last a lifetime. She makes complicated health-science easy to understand; she passes on information and skills in a way that is practical and natural. This has made her seminars and workshops desirable to many people who seek answers to breathing and sleep-breathing problems, or who simply want to be at their best.

The knowledge Tess imparts can make your breathing easier and keep it under control for the rest of your life. Truly, a life changing event.

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